Derby is a Virtual Sports Betting Gambling

This virtual horse racing betting gambling offers the excitement of top quality horse racing without the need to leave the comfort of home.

The gambling simulates a racing track meeting during which eight races take place. Eight horses participate in each race. You can bet on certain race outcome or event on the certain combination of race outcomes. You can also accumulate bets across any of the races in a particular meeting. The form gives you an accurate representation of how well a horse is likely to do in a race, with the odds calculated accordingly. The gambling offers a variety of bets from the straight forward single to the high payout trebles, trixies and etc.

At the beginning of each race horses are placed at the start of the racing track and then start running by the signal. Jockeys guide horses to the finish line. Jockeys wear special jackets, which colors coincide with the colors of horsecloths. Numbers of the horses are printed on the horsecloths. These colors and numbers are used to identify a horse during the race, as well as for referring it in the race card and result screen.

High-quality graphics and realistic sound make the race very enjoyable to watch. During the race animation behavior of real horses is simulated. Wide range of bets and “raisins” like photo finish images make this gambling a truly unbelievable experience.

The gambling offers a meeting of 8 races with the possibility of on-demand viewing of your races. Click the number tabs to the left of the screen to view the information about the runners in each of 8 races. The additional horse information screen appears on the right side of the screen. You may start your meeting at any race you wish or choose to bet on the selected races only.

You may as well choose a new meeting by clicking the SKIP ALL RACES button.

Before you start playing you should place bets. To place bets on a single race, select the desired race using numbered buttons on the left hand side, and then select the horses you wish to bet on by clicking their names in the list.

As soon as bets are made and stakes amounts are defined, you may start the race by clicking the START RACE X button. Enjoy the view! If you want to know the result at once without watching the race process click the Skip Race button.

Each race finish is controlled by the photo finish camera. Three photo finish cards are presented at the end of each race. The cards display which horse has took the first, second, and third position in the race. By default, the first place card is displayed.

The other two cards are displayed backwards this one. To bring forward another card, click the desired card or a card number at the lower control toolbar. In the left bottom corner of the screen, in the bet card, race results for the selected bets are displayed. The bet card displays bet results for the current race. For the winning bets their win amount is displayed. Such bets are also marked with a green mark. Lost bets are marked with red.

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