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Class 1 Casino is a relatively new, but very ambitious online casino that is only going from strength to strength. Our casino uses the Playtech software, one of the most trusted and leading online casino software provider. We aim to provide you with first class services, from a support point of view as well as from a gaming experience. We therefore have put in place such a structure that will make sure to keep you satisfied and on your toes at all times and.

Indeed, with more than 130 games on offer, such as poker, baccarat, slots, arcades, and live games, a charming multilingual team of support assistants available 24/7and our exciting ongoing and generic promotions, we made sure you’ll never go bored and that you won’t see the need to visit another casino. You’ll experience the thrills and highly charged emotions of a brick and mortar casino, only you won’t have to leave the sweet comfort of your home.


At Class 1 Casino we are on a mission to bring a unique, first-class casino experience with the best customer support service. Our highly trained, multilingual support team is available to all of our customers, real and fun players, through live chat, telephone, email or fax, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves with our fast response time, and professional handling of any situation. From the first login on and every step of the way, we’ve got you covered.

Chat response is instant. E-mails are answered upon reception. Issues that cannot be handled on the spot are forwarded to qualified offline staff immediately and are resolved as soon as possible. Our chat support girls, although handling multiple players in multiple languages simultaneously, will also find the time just to talk with players, creating a friendly environment, all in all guaranteeing a pleasant and relaxing experience, thus letting the games to provide all the thrills one came for.


Our 300% welcome bonus is issued with first deposit, regardless of the paying method and is valid up to 600 in all three supported currencies: $/£/€. This offer can even be upgraded to 300% bonus + 25 $/£/€ for deposits of 50 or more. Later on our players can also take advantage of the so-called 2nd Deposit Bonus – additional 80%.


We do everything for our players to break the daily routine. We offer at least three different promotions each week with various themes, games, they are also country (or currency, even payment method) specific, as well as monthly and special occasions promotions – but they all have one thing in common: huge bonuses.

Our promotions serve three main purposes: to give you the best value for your money, prolong game-play, and increase your chances of winning. Our players are regularly informed about the latest promotions and bonus offers via our personalized e-mailing system.


Our sophisticated VIP System allows us to arrange perfect deposit bonuses for each player and to issue all the free bonuses one needs when funds are low. We cherish our loyal players and even give them the opportunity to earn additional money for themselves with services such as Complimentary Points Program, that allows them to convert your complimentary points in Real Money, and Refer a Friend, that rewards them with 25 €/$/£ for each player referred to us through you!

The more comp points you collect, the higher VIP status you gain. Higher VIP status brings you better comp point conversion ratio, better bonus offers, free gifts, cash-back options, special tournaments and an all around first class treatment.


Class 1 Casino dedicated team of cashiers has proven more than efficient in the past and is constantly upgrading its services. We support all favourite methods of withdrawals as well as of deposits. Our three main characteristics and advantages in this area are efficiency, fast payments and high security awareness.

The latter is also managed by our professional Fraud Prevention Department. On top of being able to execute simple withdrawing and depositing transactions, you will also be able to check all of your transactions’ history; convert your comp points and invite friends to join the best online casino.

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